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Mike Rieser/Baja Flyfishinig Co.

It has been a week of fickle weather and fickle fishing here on the Baja. As I last reported the marline, tuna and dorado bight was on the up tick with the rosters holding steady with a goodly number of fish around to frustrate the best efforts of our guests. Since then the force of El Nino over powered the high pressure ridge, bringing rain and snow to California and other parts of the West. The North winds came barreling down the Sea of Cortez and of all things bringing snow to parts of the Southern Baja. Yes that white stuff that inspires fond memories of winter Holidays, ski vacations and romantic nights in front of the fire place. But snow in Baja blanketing the mesquite, Pao blanco, palms and cordone? Believe it, for at least a short period of time the ground and trees along highway #1 was blanketed between San Antonio and el Triumfo. For the rest of the area thunderstorms rolled through and a cold rain came pouring down, driving many of us thin blooded residents to go in search of fleece tops and long pants. As I write this piece five days hence, the air has warmed, birds are singing and the Iguanas are out and eating the new green leaves off my back yard plants. Spring and normalcy has returned.
The dorado and tuna seemed to have moved on. The marlin, however, remain with a few mostly being caught deep on live mackerel. There is still an abundance of mackerel, bolitos, small skipjacks and bally hoo to feed the hordes of predators when they decide to return. 
In the mean time we are having some great fun and the usual frustrations with the roosterfish. Most that we encounter are small in size, though with a few true grandes patrolling the beaches as well. Shots are plentiful, the catch rate typically frustrating, especially for those getting their first experience with el Gallo. But that is their charm and allure, with feeding displays of savage aggression ever tempered by their keen detection of the food fraud we try to entice them with. Miss a strip, slow the pace of the fly and experience the rejection. When the mood of the fish and the presentation is right, it is pure magic. That is what keeps us coming back with the willingness to work through the many frustrations.
Tomorrow will find me on the beach at los Tesos. Bring it on.

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