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As the 2016 fishing season get under way and the first of many groups arrived at the hotel, many wondered how the fishing would be compared to the last couple of years.  Would it be another El Niño type year, would we have dorado bigger than 15lbs., would the big tuna return?  We don’t have a big enough sample size to know for sure, but based on the fishing this week, things are looking up.

The tuna bite came early this year with a steady bite that has been around for about 2 weeks now.  Up until today they have all been in the football to 30lb. range.  Yesterday the cruiser El Tio landed a dozen yellowfin all in that under 30lb. class.  Today we saw our first 100lb. tuna hit the dock at Playa Del Sol.  It was a welcome site and not usual for this time of year. 

All the boats seem to be finding the wahoo that has been in the area for well over a month now.  For many of our long time clients, this is there very first wahoo ever and they are ecstatic.  Many boats are landing 2-4 wahoo per day.  If you are one of those who have never landed a wahoo, this is a good time to come down and try your luck. 

We are also seeing a few boats having luck with the bottom fishing in the area with lots of cabrilla, pargo and pompano still coming to the dock this week.  The inshore bite for roosters and jacks has been great as well with a few clients landing roosters in the 40-60lb. class. 

The weather in Los Barriles is a perfect 85 during the day and dropping down to a pleasant 72 at night. It’s a great time to be on the East Cape!  Hope to see you down here soon! 

Eddie Dalmau/Baja’s Van Wormer Resorts



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