Fishing Report for Baja's Van Wormer Resorts


Date: June 13, 2023


Location: Baja's Van Wormer Resorts, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico


We are thrilled to provide you with an exciting fishing report from Baja's Van Wormer Resorts. The fishing conditions have been excellent, and anglers have been enjoying productive outings targeting a variety of species. Here are the highlights:


1. Yellowfin Tuna: The yellowfin tuna bite has been outstanding in the waters surrounding Baja's Van Wormer Resorts. Anglers have been experiencing more and more great days with limits on yellowfin. The yellowfin has been mostly football size, but we did see a nice 93 lbs. tuna come to the dock last week on the cruiser Mako. Squid, sardines and lures such as cedar plugs have been working great.

2. Dorado: Dorado, also been abundant in the area. Anglers have been encountering 20-40 lbs. Dorado and some of the luckier anglers have been able to land multiples in a single day. The Don Julio landed 7 beautiful dodo’s three days ago, making for some happy anglers. Sardines, balihoo and lures have been working great on the dorado.


3. Marlin: The waters off Baja's Van Wormer Resorts continue to offer exceptional marlin fishing opportunities. Both striped marlin and a handful of blue marlin have been spotted, providing anglers with the chance to target these magnificent billfish. Whether using live bait or artificial lures, successful encounters with marlin have been reported, making for memorable battles and impressive catch, photo & Release.


4. Pargo and Roosterfish: Along with the pelagic species, the inshore fishing has been rewarding as well. Anglers targeting rocky structures and reefs have encountered pargo, a popular bottom-dwelling species known for their strength and delicious taste. Additionally, the exciting pursuit of roosterfish, with their distinctive dorsal fins and aggressive nature, has added an extra layer of excitement to inshore fishing adventures.


As the fishing season continues, we anticipate even more exciting catches and unforgettable experiences. Our knowledgeable guides and staff at Baja's Van Wormer Resorts are dedicated to ensuring that each angler has a memorable and successful fishing trip.



For more information or to book your fishing trip, please visit our website at or contact our reservations team at 877-777-8862. We look forward to welcoming you to Baja's Van Wormer Resorts and providing you with an exceptional fishing experience.


Tight lines and best wishes for a successful fishing season!


Eddie Dalmau

Baja's Van Wormer Resorts

















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