Nachos           $7.50
With Chicken         $9.50
With Beef           $12.00
Breaded Chicken Fingers: In corn flakes sauteed in soybean oil,   $8.00
Served with ranch dressing.        
Calamari Deep Fried: Served with cocktail sauce.     $7.50
Buffalo Wings: Chicken wings sautéed in chili sauce served with dressing. $9.00
Chips, salsa and guacamole: Chips of the day served with lots of fresh mexican. $6.50
salsa and guacamole.          
Shrimp Cocktail: Served with cocktail sauce.     $14.00
Fish Ceviche         $11.00
Shrimp Ceviche         $14.00
Sashimi           $10.00
Tortilla Soup          $6.00
Soup of the day      $6.00
Sea Food Soup: With clam, shrimp, crab and fish.     $16.00
Caprece: Sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese served with pesto.   $11.00
Caribbean: Organic lettuce, shrimp breaded in coconut and mango dressing. $16.00
Spinach: Fresh spinach, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, bacon bits, tomato $9.00
with a raspberry and bacon dressing.        
Mixed Salad: Mixed vegetables with dressing of strawberry and avocado served on a bed of fresh organic lettuce. $7.00
Mixed Salad With Chicken       $12.00
Caesar           $7.00
Chicken Caesar         $12.00
Shrimp Caesar         $17.00
Club sandwich: With grilled chicken breast, bacon, ham, avocado, lettuce $10.00
and tomato on white or whole grain bread.      
Mexican Club Sandwich: With guacamole, bacon, ham, grilled chicken breast, $11.00
monterey jack cheese, lettuce, wrap in a tortilla, served hot.    
Fish Sandwich: Grilled fish steak with tomato, lettuce and onion.   $12.00
Pepito: Skirt steak, grilled onions, beans, avocado, lettuce, tomato and cheese. $12.00
Hamburger: Served with tomato, lettuce and onion.     $9.00
Hamburger with Bacon: Swiss cheese and avocado, served with french fries $11.50
or crispy onion rings.          
Hamburger with Mushrooms: Mushrooms sautéed with grilled onions $11.50
and Swiss cheese, served with French fries or onion rings.    
Fettuccini garlic butter: Garlic sauteed in butter.     $12.00
vegetables and a touch of cream.        
Alfredo: Al dente pasta with a parmesan creamy sauce.     $13.00
Mexican Specialties        
Green Or Red Enchiladas       $8.50
Quesadillas: Made with flour tortillas, monterey jack cheese served with guacamole,  
salsa and sour cream.          
Cheese Quesadillas         $8.50
Beef Quesadillas         $13.00
Chicken Quesadillas         $11.00
Shrimp Quesadillas         $14.00
Chile relleno: Delicious chili stuffed with cheese, served with rice and black beans. $10.00
Super Burro: A flour tortilla stuffed with shrimp or fish with beans and cheese,  
served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa, potato or salad.    
Shrimp Super Burro         $14.00
Fish Super Burro         $12.00
Beef Super Burro         $13.00
Chicken Super Burro         $11.00
Wet burrito camaron         $15.00
Wet burrito pescado         $13.00
Wet burrito carne         $14.00
Wet burrito pollo         $13.00
Order your tacos and then add what you like from our salsa bar.    
Fried or Grilled Shrimp       $2.50
Fried or Grilled Fish         $2.00
Carne asada         $2.00
Grilled Chicken         $2.00
Sauteed with onion, bell pepper, served with salsa ranchera, guacamole and  
beans served in a hot pan.          
Chicken           $11.00
Beef           $12.50
 Vegetarian            $9.00







Fried Calamari: Served with cocktail sauce.     $7.50
Buffalo Wings: Chicken wings sautéed in chili sauce served with ranch dressing. $9.00
Mushrooms ajillo: Sauteed in guajillo chili, garlic and a touch of cream. $8.50
Stuffed Golden Chili: Stuffed with cream cheese seasoned with soy sauce and $9.00
served with salad.          
Smoked Salmon Carpaccio       $17.00
Sashimi           $10.00
 3 Quesos al tequila         $9.00
Caprese: Sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese served with pesto.   $11.00
Caribbean: Organic lettuce, shrimp breaded in coconut and mango dressing. $16.00
Cesar           $7.00
Chicken Cesar         $12.00
Shrimp Cesar         $17.00
Spinach: Fresh spinach, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, bacon bits, tomato $9.00
with a raspberry and bacon dressing.        
House Salad: Mixed vegetables, avocado, orange, tomato, walnuts, red onion $9.00
and gorgonzola cheese, served on a bed of lettuce with raspberry dressing.  
Tortilla Soup         $6.00
Soup of de Day         $6.00
Sea Food Soup: With clam, Shrimp, crab and fish.   $16.00
Toscana: Chicken breast, onion, garlic, spinach with al dente pasta. $16.00
Alfredo: Al dente pasta with a parmesan cream sauce.   $13.00
Chicken and Artichoke Fettuccini: Chunks of chicken, artichokes, onion $16.00
and garlic with Parmesan cheese and Monterey Jack cheese.    
Shrimp Fettuccini: Sauteed in garlic sauce, served with vegetables $25.00
and a touch of cream.          
Sea Of Cortez: Mixed seafood with putanesca sauce and parmesan cheese. $22.00
Iberica Chicken Breast: Stuffed with prosciutto, spinach, shrimp in mango sauce $18.50
Mexican Chicken Breast: Filled with huitlacoche and Monterrey Jack cheese $15.50
with poblano chili strips.          
Parmesan: Crispy chicken breast with putanesca sauce of mozzarella and Parmesan $15.50
cheese, served with mashed potatoes and al dente vegetables.    
From The House: Chicken breast covered with spinach, grilled with butter, $15.50
melted Monterey Jack cheese and a spicy creamy sauce.      
Served with baked potato, vegetables and our special house sauce.    
Filet Mignon         $24.00
Rib Eye           $34.00
New York           $34.00
Arrachera (Skirt Steak)       $20.00
Azteca steak         $24.00
Steak skewer         $22.00
Arrachera skewer         $20.00
Chicken           $19.00
Skirt Steak           $21.00
Shrimp           $27.00
Served with rice and vegetables.        
Scampi: Shrimp sauteed with garlic and butter.     $25.00
Coconut: Topped with coconut and mango sauce, served with applesauce and $27.00
sweet potato.            
Ratatouille: In mango sauce with colorful bell pepper, onion and mango. $25.00
A la diabla: Choose your label of spiciness.     $25.00
Garlic: Sauteed in garlic sauce.       $25.00
Imperial: Shrimp stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon.   $25.00
Catch Of The Day Served with rice and vegetables.    
Cilantro: With a very special cilantro sauce from the house. $20.00
Rockefeller: Baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and spinach. $22.00
Capers: With a touch of cream and basil. $20.00
Garlic:  Sauteed in garlic sauce. $18.00
Ajillo: Sauteed with garlic and guajillo chili. $18.00
Vodka: Putanesca sauce and vodka. $20.00
Cajun: Breaded with cajun spices. $20.00
Pistachio: Sauteed with garlic, onion, pistachio, white wine and cream. $20.00
Almendrado $20.00

Seafood Combo: Steamed lobster tail, combination of coconut shrimp,

imperial, garlic, clam and breaded squid, fish, cilantro, garlic and onion rings.

Mixed Shrimp: Choose the combination you like. $28.00
Lobster: Steamed and sauteed in Butter. $48.00
Lobster and Steak $63.00
Lobster and Shrimp $68.00
Red $8.50
Swiss $8.50
With Chicken $10.50
With Beef $11.50
With Shrimp $12.50 
Chiles rellenos       $10.00
Mexican Platter: Enchilada, chile relleno, tampiqueña, guacamole, beans. $25.00





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