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 2022 Wahoo Gold Cup was a huge success once again with 43 teams and 137 participants. The winning team from El Cardonal "Pinche Aviles" took home a 2022 Volkswagen Polo and $54,400 in cash.


There were 43 teams and 137 participants in this years Wahoo Gold Cup.  There were 6 wahoo weighed in this years event with the heaviest being 42.4 lbs.

Congratulations to all the participants and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!



































































































































2022 Torneo Anual del Wahoo Jackpot Copa Oro 

El formato del torneo será el mismo que el Dorado Shoot Out excepto que esta vez ganará el Wahoo más grande. El Wahoo más grande capturado el 20 de agosto de 2022 ganará un Volkswagen Polo 2022. Este es un torneo de un día, por lo que cualquiera puede ganar. Si usted se inscribe en el torneo y pesca el Wahoo más pesado el 20 de Agosto de 2022 usted se irá con el coche. Habrá más de $ 100,000 en efectivo y premios en juego, incluyendo grandes premios de rifa, viajes de regreso, incluyendo pesca y mucho más. La cuota de inscripción es de sólo $ 600 por equipo e incluye la cena en la ceremonia de premiación. fantásticos premios para los tres mejores equipos.  También habrá premios para el Dorado y el Atún más grandes. Jackpots en efectivo opcionales de $ 200, $ 300 y $ 500 y $ 1,000 con una tasa de retorno del 85%.

Grandes premios como cañas, anzuelos, cajas para equipo de pesca, certificados de regalo y viajes de regreso a Van Wormer Resorts. Todos los participantes recibirán una camiseta de torneo, gorra. 
Informacion 624-141-0044


This is the 6th Annual East Cape Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament.  


The tournament format will be the same as the Dorado Shoot Out except this time its the Biggest Wahoo will win. The heaviest Wahoo caught on August 20, 2022 will win a 2022 Volkswagon Polo.  This is a one day tournament, so anyone can win.  If you are entered in the tournament and you catch the heaviest Wahoo on August 20, 2022 you will walk away with a 2022 VW Polo.


There will be over $100,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs including great raffle prizes, return trips including fishing and much more. Entry fee is only $600 per team and includes dinner at the awards ceremony. Terrific prizes for the top three teams that catch the largest wahoo.  There will also be prizes for the largest Dorado and Tuna.  Optional Cash Jackpots of $200, $300 and $500 and $1,000 jackpot with an 85% return rate.


Great drawing prizes of tackle, lures, rods, tackle boxes, gift certificates and return trips to Van Wormer Resorts. All participants will receive a free tournament shirt and hat.   














Teams can register for the Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament in La Paz at  BajaMark from 6pm-8pm.  Teams wiil be given their wristbands, rules and goodie bags, so there is no need to drive to the East Cape on August 19th.  If you are not prepaid prior to arrival, we will only accept cash at this registration.

Address: Allende 165 entre revolucion y Madero, 23000 La Paz 



Teams can check in and register from 4pm-8pm at Hotel Palmas De Cortez. All teams participating in the Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament MUST check in and pick up their wristbands,rules and goodie bags. No team will be permitted to weigh a fish without having checked in prior to the start of the tournament.  If you are not prepaid prior to arrival, we will only accept cash, visa or mastercard at registration.

Phone:  +52 624 141 0050    U.S.: 877-777-8862 or 818-224-4744 




At 7am the Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot will begin with a flare start.  Teams must check in with the tournament boat and show their team number before the start of the tournament.   Scale will open at 1pm at Hotel Palmas De Cortez. Scthale will close at exactly 4pm. 











2021 Wahoo Gold Cup Results


Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico

The 5th Annual Wahoo Gold Cup was held on Saturday, August 21, 2021 out of Hotel Palmas De Cortez in Los Barriles. There were a record 49 teams that participated in this year’s event as well as a record purse of over $58,000 in Jackpots. The winning boat was “Terrible” with angler EJ Herbst Jr. from Las Vegas, NV and Captain Jose Perez. The team landed a 41.0 lbs. wahoo that won them a 2021 Volkswagen Polo valued at $13,000 as well as sweeping the 4 jackpots and taking home $45,825 dollars in cash. The team landed the wahoo on the north side of Isla Cerralvo at around 2pm that afternoon using a purple Nomad lure.

There were a total of 7 wahoo weighed at the tournament scale ranging from 41lbs. to 26lbs., and a total of 13 wahoo landed during the tournament. Teams were only allowed to weigh one wahoo per boats, so only the largest was weighed. Of course, just like all wahoo tournaments, there were many reports of wahoo striking lures then biting right through the line.

Second Place when to Team Maritime with angler Sergio Coto who landed a 32.6lbs. wahoo. The second place team won a return trip to Hotel Palmas De Cortez with a day of fishing included. Third place went to Team Los Compadres with angler Antonio Tamayo who landed a 29lbs. wahoo and also won a return trip.

If you would like to participate in next year’s Wahoo Gold Cup at Hotel Palmas De Cortez on August 20, 2022, please visit our website at www.vanwormerresort.com for more info.















 2020 Wahoo Gold Cup Results

It was another great Wahoo Gold Cup Tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez!
There were 35 teams that participated in this year's tournament and with more than $40,000 USD and a Volkswagen Gol up for grabs, everyone was excited for this year's tournament.
There were 4 wahoo weighed at this year's tournament. The winners were Team Bite Me with angler Aldo Ojeda taking home the grand prize of a Volkswagen Gol. The team also entered all of the optional cash jackpots and took home over $40,000 USD. Not a bad days work!
Second Place went to Everardo De La Toba fishing on the Reyna Linda with a nice 26.1lbs. wahoo.
Third Place went to Ryan O'leary fishing on the Vaquera with a 25.1lbs. wahoo
Forth Place honorable mention went to Gary Elrod on the Fresh Catch with a 22.5lbs. wahoo.
Biggest Tuna went to Dan Brady fishing on the Rude Boy with a 16.2lbs. yellowfin tuna
Biggest Dorado went to Steve Phoenix fishing on Pez Espada with a 27.2lbs. dorado\





The 2019 Wahoo Gold Cup Is in the books and it was another excellent tournament. 47 teams participated in this year’s tournaments, with the heaviest wahoo landed taking home a Volkswagen Gol and a Suzuki 140hp engine. The winner was team #18 Angler Quinn Miller fishing on the cruiser Don Roberto with their 30.8 lbs. Wahoo.

Second place and the winner of the $300 jackpot was team #4 Angler Juan Flores fishing on the cruiser Tres Amigos with their 24.7 lbs. Wahoo. The team took home $7,905 (pre-tax).

The big winners was actually the third place team #25 Angler John Schultz on the Super Panga Reyna Del Sur with their 24.7 lbs. Wahoo. (Tie broken by first fish weighed). The team took home $28,220 (pre-tax).

All payouts listed are in U.S. dollars.

Congratulations to all the Anglers and Crews who participated in this year’s Wahoo Gold Cup. Hope to see many of you again next year on August 22, 2020.



  ANGLER                                                     BOAT                                             WEIGHT

Quinn Miller Don Roberto 30.8lbs.
Juan Flores Tres Amigos 24.7lbs.
John Schultz Reyna Del Sur 24.7lbs.
Bob Castro Rude Boy 15.3lbs.





























































Congratulations to Victor Locklin who won the 2nd annual Wahoo Gold Cup with this 41.1 lbs. wahoo. Victor took home a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV plus jackpot money of over $40,000 USD. Not a bad day for the crew of the cruiser Oso Negro.

56 teams participated in this year’s tournament and over 200 anglers. More than 30 wahoo were landed during the one day shoot out event. Victor’s wahoo was the very last fished weighed which made for a dramatic finish. Congratulations to all anglers!! 

Final Standings

        ANGLER                                                                BOAT                                           WEIGHT

1. Victor Locklin OSO NEGRO 41.1LBS.
2. Gary Johnson Nath & Mich  38.7lbs
3. John Schultz  Cortez Cowboy  38.1lbs.  
4. Sergio Fainsztein  Marlintini  35.7lbs. 
5. John Boyer  Socorro    35.5lbs. 
6. Matt Leary  Mi Pistola   30.3lbs. 
7. Samantha Hinrichs  Vaquero  27.3lbs. 
8. Matthew Clifton  El Regalo  26.3lbs. 
9. Eldo Harris  Crazy Boy   26.2lbs. 
10. Santiago Estavillo  Tenacious  25.2lbs 
11. Manuel Makliz           La Reyna Del Sur 24.9lbs.
12. Gary Elrod Fresh Catch 23.7lbs.
13. Antonio Rochin Bite Me 23.5lbs.
14. Matt Hoffer Maria Teresa  23.4lbs.
15. Esaul Valdez  Calereste 22.7lbs.
16. Diana Arce   Tres Amigos  22.5lbs.
17. Luis Velazquez Maria II  22.4lbs.
18. Michel Beauchemin Miss Petunia 22.3lbs.
19. Dillion Pile   Balihoo 22.3lbs.
20. Leonel Tamayo  Los Compadres 22.3lbs.
21. John Benny                   La Capilla                21.3lbs.
22. Donald Dotson Killer Hook 18.3lbs.



John Pile                              Julkate                           9.5lbs.



Matthew Clifton                     El Regalo                       12.2lbs.


Total of 22 Wahoo weighed in and 30 landed

Total of 1 Tuna weighed in

Total of 2 Dorado weighed in

Total of 56 Teams

Total of 210 Anglers

Total Jackpot Money $40,885.00





























Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Wahoo Gold Cup Tournament and a special thanks to all our sponsors! It was an amazing first year with 44 teams participating and 25 wahoo landed the day of the tournament. The winning team was Team Flecha Recta with captain Javier Cota and angler Sergio Daniel Sandoval with a 55.5 lbs. wahoo. The winning team took home a 2017 Volkswagen Gol plus $36,820.00 USD. in cash!! congratulations to Team Flecha Recta and to all the participants!

Biggest WAHOO
1. Sergio Daniel Sandoval 55.5 lbs.
2. T.J. Rosenberg 38.7 lbs.
3. Joey Yonan 33.1 lbs.
4. Leonel Tamayo 26.2 lbs. 
5. Geoff Gorres 26.0 lbs.
6. Mark Calahan 25.1 lbs.
7. Marilu Renteria 24.1 lbs.
8. Victor Lockin 23.3 lbs.
9. Maria Rodriguez 22.9 lbs.
10. Marc Priore 22.8 lbs.
11. Dan Farber 22.6 lbs.
12. Jimmy Diaz 22.3 lbs.
13. John Boyer 21.7 lbs.

Biggest Tuna
Luis Zuñiga 75.4 lbs.

Biggest Dorado
Glen Groh 17.5 lbs.


















































If you would like me to email you any of these pictures, please email me at eddie@vanwormerresorts.com.




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